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Thursday, October 14, 2010

living chronically cfids

Good Lord - I haven't posted since May. For shame. For shame.

Thought I'd add a little update and let you know that I still lurk around here and there. Personally, work is keeping me busy, especially at this time of year. Seriously, I was thinking about Christmas in September. Sick.

I'm happy to report that in terms of CFIDS, Jes is doing well. She's still on her regular medication and we continue to try to whittle away a bit of it. For now, we're trying to rid our lives of the Lyrica.

She continues to have occasional migraines. BUT she hasn't had to take the heavy duty medication OR visit the ER in over a year. That's improvement people. If she gets a migraine, she can usually sleep it off.

Aside from that, she has a boyfriend, runs around constantly, drives her parents nuts, is finishing her senior year at home, and just took the SAT.

I'm saying this because there is hope.


Now I'm going to throw something in your general direction. If you are home bound and/or chronically sick, helping others always seems to lift the spirits. Heck, it lifts the spirits whether you're sick or healthy. Unfortunately it's hard to do when you're confined much of the time. This is an alternative you should look into. I've recently become involved with a group called:


Visit this site. They're better at getting the point across, so I will leave it at that. Learn about dropping love bombs. It'll do your heart good to so easily make someone's day brighter.

Until next time, you're always in my thoughts and prayers.

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